Dishwasher installation
Posted by Joe on June 22, 19100 at 08:19:25:
I would like to put a dishwasher in the kitchen, but am unsure about the plumbing. The location is "around" a corner cabinet from the sink. IE. there is a corner cabinet between the sink and the dishwasher. I am unsure about how to plumb the drain. I have put a dishwasher in before, but simply tied it to the disposer drain. Here that would be difficult. I have an open basement below, with room, a hot water line and power, and need to know if anyone has a solution the the drain line and if I need a vent of some kind? I guess my concern is not tying into the drain, but rather, keeping the drain on the downhill side. I am wondering if the pump from the DW would push the waste uphill to the existing disposer drain a few feet away?? Any help appreciated. Please copy response to as well if possible. Thanks-Joe

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