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Posted by More on June 21, 19100 at 23:50:29:
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: My bathtub drain plug has fallen out. The piece has the drain plug and the standard chain link attachment. How do I attach it back in place so that it connects to the open/close lever?

Look at the portion that goes inside the drain. See how it looks like a horseshoe? Theres a stick insider the drain for the horshoe to fit onto. Look into the drain with a flashlight. See the stick? Drop the Open/close lever to the open position, drop the drain plug into the drainhole. It will hit the stick, but will be above the stick. Turn the drain plug with your fingertips until it falls off the stick on one side. Turn the plug with your fingertips rotating back the way you just came from, and lift up. Is the horseshoe stuck on the stick now? SUCCESS! Not stuck on yet? Rotate the other way and lift up. Stuck? YAY! Not stuck yet? Pull the plug back out. Look into the drain again at the stick, and look at the horseshoe. Impress upon your mental clock which direction you need to turn and try again

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