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: I have a tile shower, I put wash rags over the drain and filled up the shower floor with water as high as I could, NO LEAKS. Then I remove the wash rag and let the water drain and I get a leak coming out from under the floor. I have had two plumbers look at it. One said tear out the whole shower and the other said drill a couple holes in the drain the vent or something may be plugged. I am afraid to drill holes in the vent pipe and I don;t want to spend $1000.00 for some to replace my shower. PLEASE HELP!!!

What do you mean water coming out from under the floor? Is the shower on the second floor, and leaks into the ceiling of the room below it? Or is the tile shower on a concrete slab floor and the water goes down the drain, but then leaks out the drain onto the concrete floor and then back up and through the tile above the leak? There are several remedies. One is that you can call American Leak Detection, and have them pinpoint the leak for you. But they're expensive. Two you can put a pressure test onto the drain with air by inserting a "test plug downstream in the sewer line and inserting a pressure test plug in the shower, raising the pressure to twenty pounds and waiting for air pressure to drop. The Drain might be brass as it leaves the tile shower and then might be connected to cast iron or plastic as it leaves the bathroom. Is it under a concrete slab? Oh, wait....let me ask this before going further. Have you put a roto snake into the drain to see if there is an obstruction? If not, do that first. Call a licensed roto snake plumber and snake the line from the shower out to the outside of the house. Listen closely with your ear on the floor, or use a stethascope, and positively identify the path of the drain line to the sewer. When it goes outside, you go outside the house too, and push wood stakes or coat hangers into the ground to mark the path it takes. Is there also a cleanout in the sewerline outside? No? Is there a drum trap inside the house that the roto rooter gets hung up on? Yes? Look for your leak there. Is it buried under tile? Pop up a tile or two and smack the concrete with a hammer to expose the drum trap. No drum trap? Dig up the sewer outside. If it gets this drastic , e-mail me. I can't post what might be needed to be done on the net. More

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