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: how do I unclogg my showers I have hard water build up we have already removed the shower heads and no water gets

Does the water get to the shower valves? Turn the water off outside at the water meter, remove the hot and cold shower handles, and remove the valve stems. Look at the rubber washer at the base of the stem. Is it worn or bent or part of it missing? Look inside the valve with a strong flashlight, Is the hard water deposit choking off the valve passage? CAREFULLY have someone quickly turn on the water at the meter then off again fast, without any valve stems in the valves, but with the shower door closed. Does water come SCREAMING out of the valve bodies? Then the problem is in the valve stems. Contact a LICENSED plumber to come fix them. Put the valve stems back in, turn the water on and try the cold. It should spit air then water. The hot has to run through the hot water heater, so it'll spit air too.

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