Re: Preventing Toilet "Sucking"
Posted by Terry Love on June 21, 19100 at 21:30:05:
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: In the aforementioned bathroom, the toilet bowl gets "sucked" empty when the basement ejector pump goes on & sends a torrent of water to the same sewer line that serves the toilet. The toilet IS vented, but the vent is "downstream" a few feet from the toilet, so the first pipe the ejector pump stream hits is the toilet drain, which bears the brunt of the suction created by the rush of water. Is there some sort of one-way valve device that I could screw in/mount BEFORE the toilet drain that would alleviate the suction? I am installing a new TOTO Provencial toilet, but I doubt if that alone will stop this annoying problem.

In addition to venting the toilet, the sewage ejector needs it's own vent. It sounds like the waste output on your ejector is "pulling" from the gravity line on your system. If waste is coming upstream from the vent to that toilet, you may want to add either a vent between the toilet and main drain, or an air emmiter like the Studor vent. Terry

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