Can't get a plastic sink trap apart
Posted by Ralph Emmerich on September 02, 1998 at 03:02:00:
Today a customer in the hardware store where I work said she lost earings down a sink drain, but there is no cleanout nut at the bottom of her trap, and what I understood to be the nuts holding the trap in place wouldn't budge after using channel-lock pliers on them. The trap is plastic, so I'm wondering if the joints were solvent-welded--either there actually are no nuts and the pvc was glued--or somehow (and I don't know if this is possible), there are nuts, and the tubular goods were glued. Being ignorant on these matters, I would appreciate clarification. Another possibility I thought of is that she was turning the nuts the wrong way. If the joints were solvent-welded, what is the scenario for recovering the earings? Thank you very, very much.

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