Pressure imbalance in shower head
Posted by Paul on June 20, 19100 at 20:58:45:
I have a shower head with old fixtures: separate hot and cold water handles. The problem I have is that the cold water through the shower head has considerably less pressure than the hot water. It is only through the shower that I have this problem. No other fixtures, including an adjacent sink and an adjacent bathtub fixture, has this pressure imbalance. The hot water side overwhelms the cold, so that most showers are uncomfortably hot. Also, the hot water through the showerhead is either fully on, or off, with very little ability to control volume. In fact, if you turn the hot water on, and then attempt to crank the flow down, it reaches a point where, long before the valve has been shut, the flow stops and a loud vibrating or banging occurs in the hot water pipe (even though they are strapped down securely) until you open up the valve again or fully shut it off. Both pipes leading into the fixture are copper.

I'm stumped. What's wrong? Any help appreciated.

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