Re: AquaStar Hot Water Heater Problem
Posted by Mark Collins on June 17, 19100 at 14:18:22:
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I am looking into buying one of these for my home. Have you had any luck finding out more information on this problem?

: I just bought a new condo with an AquaStar Model 125-B hot water on demand heater. When I initially
: turn on the hot water, it works great. However, once I start to turn the faucet towards the cold setting to
: get warm (instead of hot) water, the heater shuts off and I have to crank the faucet back to hot to keep the
: water hot. In the shower, once I go towards cold, the water will not stay hot unless I...
: 1. Shut it off and crank it back to hot again
: 2. Turn on the hot faucet in the bathroom sink

: To me, the heater shuts off too early. Is there a way to adjust the heater so that it stays on at a slower
: flow rate?

: Thanks,
: Peter

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