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Posted by David on June 17, 19100 at 10:51:55:
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: Hi,

: I have just put in a new American Standard Americast tub in Bone color. It has a tiny little chip now (I think I dropped a tile in it). Anyway, no info about chips on the A.S. web site. Can I get a little kit opr something to fix this??

: Thanks for any help! -Rob

I also put in a Americast Tub just recently in Bone. I bumped it against the toilet bowl and made a small chip. I wrote the company and asked them what to do. They sent me a free repair kit in Bone called PORC-a-FIX. Then nice thing about it is that it isn't self-leveling. I tried some stuff that was, to practice on the old tub and since my chip is on the edge it built up at the bottom of the chip. This Porc-a-fix doesn't run down like that and there is PLENTY left for chips in the future if you drop something else.
Just make sure it is clean of soap,... and may have to do several coats, kit comes with some sandpaper (I will finish with a 600 grit or higher wetsand.)
The number for Porc-a-fix is 856-642-1200 off the bottle incase American Standard won't send you a kit. Hope this helps.

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