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: I have a question about how to interpret pressure readings on the outlet side of a pressure reducer. With all my house faucets closed (no water running) my pressure gage reads 100 psi on the outlet side of the pressure reducer. This reading is not affected by how much the pressure-reducer's adjustment screw is turned. Is this normal, or a sign something is wrong with the reducer ? When several faucets are open and water is running through the line, the pressure reading drops by a certain amount, and now the pressure reading does change according to how much the adjustment screw is turned. Thus it seems the pressure reducer does not affect the static pressure when the water is not flowing, but does affect the static pressure when water is flowing. I thought the whole idea of a pressure reducer was to reduce the static pressure on the line, whether or not the water is flowing.

water pressure will not change when turning the screw when no water is running, you are not releasing pressure at that time. try turning the screw, then turn on water to release pressure.Then check your pressure again, if your pressure is the same then your reducer is faulty.

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