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Posted by More on June 16, 19100 at 22:40:59:
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: There appears to be no physical way to get at the washer on my home's backyard sillcock. Removing the nut over the stem reveals what appears to be a completely sealed unit. The stem does not unscrew and I can't get at the washer. Has anyone ever dealt with such a device. Replacing the whole sillcock would require some major demolition to the ceiling of my shower, which I would like to avoid. Help?, I'm at my wits end.

Contact a licensed plumber for help on this one. A trick that professionals use is the freezing of the line to stop water flow, and allow removal of the faulty sillcock, and then they'll install a new sillcock that can be repaired easily. The housing industry frowns upon the use of non-repairable sillcocks but some builders use them anyway. Licensed plumbers have a world of knowledge to help their customers out of situations such as these, because they work on industrial, commercial as well as residential installations, and they encounter these issues all the time.

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