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: Hi. I fell in love with a beautiful earthernware tile for my bathroom - I planned it for both the floor and walls. I've just read, however, in "Home Remodeling for Dummies" that you want a glazed tile. They said that non-glazed tiled absorbed water and got stains. Are they correct? Should I give up my chosen tiles?

Is the earthenware tile soft rough surfaced or smooth slick? If it is soft rough it will absorb spilled water and will stain. The smooth slick tile is fired and less likely to absorb water and less likely to stain, but it isn't glazed and therefore won't let water stand on it without staining. You can buy a sealer compound at the tile store that will let you use the tile that you love, and seal it to protect from staining, but the application method of the sealer needs to be evenly applied, or that will stain as you apply it. Have you ever stained wood before" sealing tile with a sealer is applying a liquid onto a porous surface, allowing the liquid to fill the pores, and therefore help to reject the water that you might spill on it. Really though, one of the reasons you like the tile so much is because of it's earthy appearance, and without sealer, even your body skin oils will soak into the tile from bare feet, but after a year or so of thei "body oil sealer" the tiles will still be beautiful, and they'll have a part of you in them too! Ask the tile dealer for more information on sealers and grout sealers.

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