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Posted by Mad Plumber on June 15, 19100 at 01:45:45:
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: I felt I needed to explain this better than when I first wrote it. When we pulled the stool up, we found it broken on the bottom of the bowl. There is a "lip" that fits into the sewer drain that is broken off. It's not the entire piece, only a portion of it, maybe 1/8 - 1/4 of it. It's not cracked beyond the break. (part is actually gone) The plummer I had come said he felt that the stool needed replaced because he didn't know of any way to fix it. I thought perhaps I could use some caulk to build it back up a bit and then use two wax rings to secure it so the water will flow down the drain instead of out on the floor through the place where it is broken. I would really like to keep this tank and bowl combination. What do you more knowledgeable plummer people think?

What do I think? I think you've got nothing but time on your hands to keep messing with a leaking, broken toilet. Did you pull the toilet up because of water on the floor? If that's the case, why would you put a broken leaking floor rotting toilet back. Is the toilet reinstalled now, and if so, does it leak? Here's what I would do. I would take that toilet, and strap it onto my back, real tight with a rope and some duct tape. Then I would climb that tall green leafy tree in my front yard with that toilet strapped to me. Builds muscles in my legs and arms when I do stuff like that. Now when I get about 125 feet up into the air, I would start pulling that rope and duct tape off, and get that thing into my hands for one last look. Way down far away, I should be able to spot that great big rock in the front yard. With a mighty heave, I would throw that puppie off and see if I can hit the rock with the toilet from way the heck up in the tree. Wham!, Crash! Eeehaaa! I love doing that kinda thing. Oh yeah, what was the question? Mad Plumber

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