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Posted by Terry Love on June 15, 19100 at 01:10:37:
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: We are looking at a house to buy that was built in the '20's. The seller's disclosure says that the plumbing has galvanized pipes. I do not know what updating has been done, but what should I look for or be concerned with? If they need to be replaced, what kind of material is best?
: Thanks

The 1920's is a long time to still have galvanized pipe. However, it does seem that the prewar galvanized has lasted longer than the postwar stuff. For many years, the pipe of choice has been copper. Now, I'm leaning toward the new PEX for repiping older homes.
It's a lot easier to snake in the flexible PEX piping into older homes than ridid copper pipes, and the reconstruction of walls and ceilings is easier on the pocketbook. The Gates mansion in Medina Wa uses PEX for both heating and plumbing. Terry

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