Removing old Bath handles
Posted by Bill Yeager on June 14, 19100 at 23:37:25:
I have a leaky tub faucet and believe I need to replace the seals within the hot water side within the handles. The problem is that I cannot get the handles off of the stems and am afraid to force it off. Perhaps the deposits have made it difficult to pop them off ( i am assuming that they are supposed to pop off similarly to sink handles ) and I need to force them off. I have separate turning handles for hot and cold, and then the direction (shower or tub) knob between the two. The handles stick out from the tile about 2 inches or so and it seems that there is a cover over top of the stems that extend to the handles. Any help is appreciated - my plumber took them off over a year ago, but have no idea how he did it. The handles themselves have small screws that appear to attach them to the stem. I removed these screws but the handles do not come off. Any help is appreciated, sorry if my terminology is not correct. Regards

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