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Posted by Bob on June 14, 19100 at 21:10:50:
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: I recently had to replace the sponge gasket between the tank and bowl. I reseated the tank several times, but it kept leaking. Finally I overtighted the tank and it broke. I have a new tank and new gasket, but again it continues to leak badly. What do I do?

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: Bob

I had the same problem recently. I could not get the leak stopped when the toilet was flushed. I even replaced the flapper valve unit that is held on with the big nut on the bottom of the tank and still had a leak. I had the thickest gasket that HOme depot sold and still leak. What i found I was doing wrong was I was pushing the foam gasket on the threaded valve as far as it would go. What I ended up doing was I just put the sponge gasket on about two threads and then put the tank back and tightened very little just enough to make the tank steady on the bowl. This seemed to allow the sponge gasket to seal to the bowl and at the same time find its own level on the threaded tube. Hope this helps.

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