Third floor bathroom addition
Posted by Gerald Berenson on August 31, 1998 at 20:47:22:
I own a duplex in Milwaukee Wi, I'm looking to add a third floor bathroom in my house. I have in the past
replumbed my house with copper thoughout,basically not afraid of the work involved. If you can picture
a 4 inch waste pipe coming from the basement to the roof no bends at all, all fixtures are vented
directly off the waste pipe. so as of today there are two full bathrooms one on top of the other, will there
be a problem if I copy the two existing bathrooms and make a third on top? I'm looking at cutting the cast
iron about 2 foot below the third floor and replacing with plastic piping. I guess my biggest question would
be am I creating a venting problem with the baths one on top of each other? Thanks for all your help!

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