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Posted by Miles k. on August 31, 1998 at 12:20:43:
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: i have a problem with my toilet draining real slow. i took the toilet off the drain and ran a snake down the pipe till i seen it come by the clean out that a local plumber put in. when i put the toilet back on, it worked grear the first flush. since then, the toilet has gone back to not draining fast enough. when i had my son flush the toilet, i watched the water go by the clean out and it seemed to back up. when the local plumber ran a motorized snake down the drain, he could not get it to go all the way to the city sewer. he was last here about 2 months ago and it just started acting up about a week ago. i do not know what is wrong. i don't want to have to dig up the drain line. but, i think it might have to come to that. please help with any suggestions you may have.

I had a problem similar to this several years ago. Unfortunately, it turned out to be tree roots that had infiltrated the soil pipe in the front of the house. Our only option was to dig out the pipe near the front tree, replace some pipe (the roots were huge) and we also put in a front cleanout.

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