pipe material for irrigation system
Posted by terry derloshon on June 14, 19100 at 13:49:23:
I live in SE Michigan and am installing a lawn irrigation system. The house is copper-piped with 3/4 water service. I'd like to tap into the main line after the meter and use (C)PVC to two outside banks of backflow-equipped valves. I'm inclined to use plastic because I trust the glue joints over my ability to perform leakless soldering. Any suggestions on material to use are welcomed. Areas in question are:
1) two runs from main line to outside walls (15 feet and 25 feet), 2) continuation from outside walls to valve manifolds (about 3 feet), 3) the intake manifolds themselves (to feed 3 valves from each line), 4) from valves to black plastic pipes which feed the sprinkler heads. Valves are 1-inch plastic threaded LawnGenies.

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