Kitchen sink drain pipe
Posted by Paul Hopper on June 13, 19100 at 19:54:08:
I am trying to replace the 4" x 1-1/2" vertical drain pipe that is between the bottom of the kitchen
sink and the vertical 1-5/8" pipe below it that goes into the trap. After unscrewing the two threaded
collars on each end of the 4" pipe I thought I would be able to lower the 4" pipe a little bit into the pipe
below it to move it away from the sink, and then tilt it enough to get it out. However, underneath the
bottom threaded collar is a metal unthreaded collar that is frozen to the 4" pipe and prevents me from
lowering it. So after unscrewing both threaded collars, the 4" pipe is still jammed between the sink
and the pipe that goes into the trap. How am I supposed to get this 4" drain pipe out?

- Paul

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