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: Hi all,
: We are going to be getting a dishwasher soon,and have never ever had any experience with installing one or seeing one installed.We are do it yourselfers by nature and would like to do this ourselves as well.
: Could you all help us out??We have plenty of room, cabinets that can/will be removed,the location is right next to the kitchen sink,power supply close by,etc.So if it is not too much trouble could you walk us through this one from the beginning??
: Thank you so much in advance for the guidance.
: Brenda
The Dishwasher comes with adequate instructions included in it. The electrical power supply cord is sometimes not connected and you simply need to attach the black wire to black, white to white and green to the shiny brass screw or sometimes the brass screw is painted green for a ground. Electrically, the dishwasher should be protected by a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI)where you plug it in under the sink (The same place the garbage disposer is plugged in.) Water supply for the dishwasher will come from the same faucets that supply the sink. Right now you have a 90 degree valve for just the sink (one for each the hot and cold) You'll replace them with a two way valve that allows for connecting both the sink and dishwaster. You'll have to turn off the water at the house shutoff meter to remove these valves. They'll leak back about a half gallon of water when you disconnect them, so have a dishpan handy. Water drain will come from the dishwasher to the drain in the garbage disposer. There's a knockout in the disposer that allows you to connect the drain to it. Then when you cycle the dishwasher, it dumps its water into the garbage disposer to drain. The dishwasher is going to need an antisiphon vent to penetrate the countertop to allow the pumped out drain water to vent itself when not under pressure. The placement of this drain penetration is usually at the sink itself which has the penetration hole in it, but is covered by the countertop. Good luck.
Please be advised.....electricity, water, and a cramped work on your back attitude don't mix. The cost of the initial dishwasher installation by a LICENSED plumber will be three times less than the emergency service call to fix what goes wrong in the night.

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