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: We have an older house with orangeburg pipe. The lines keep clogging. We have had them snaked twice in the last 4 months. We are planning to replace the pipe. What is the best and longest lasting material to use? We live in southern Florida. Thanks in advance for your help. Kim

The best and longest lasting is cast iron pipe. The Orangeburg pipe was the best available at the time, although technology has far surpassed what was available then. The problem with orangeburg is that the couplings to join each section of ten foot length are a mechanical fit and allows tiny feeder roots to enter the pipe and then proliferate within the pipe because of the abundant water and nutrient supply. Roto rooter just cuts them off inside at the coupling and they grow back quickly. Anotherlong lasting pipe is black ABS plastic DVW (Drain Waste Vent) pipe. It comes available in twenty foot lengths and a correctly glued coupling permits no air or water or roots to enter. Ever. But it needs to be properly installed by a licensed plumber because it bends when stored in the florida sun at the warehouse, and needs to be properly buried to remove the bending.

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