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Posted by Terry Love on June 13, 19100 at 19:23:31:
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: Dear Terry, I am looking to relocate my toilet in my 1st floor flat. In its new location, i will need to pass the waste pipe over 1, possobly 2 joists to reach the soil stack on the outside of the house. The joists are 8" by 2" and the waste pipe is 4" diameter. Can you tell me whether it is safe to remove half of the joist. Should i drill a 4" hole in the centre of the joist? Should the hole be in the centre of the joist span or towards the end i.e by the exterior wall.Please help, your advice would be very appreciated.

It's a bit hard to tell without seeing your situation. In most cases, you can only remove 1/3 of the joist, and the lower and upper 2" must remain intact. In a 2x8, you would be looking at a 2.5" hole. If you are looking at one joist, you may be able to "head it out" which is framer talk for bridging two joists when a joist is cut.

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