Re: Pressure balance / price pfister retro-fit ?????
Posted by John F on June 12, 19100 at 19:22:22:
In response to Re: Pressure balance / price pfister retro-fit ?????
You are both on the right track I was trying to say the old p/p 3 handle faucet hot,cold, and diverter stem. It's funny how the lingo for parts may differ from place to place. I have a customer on a tight budget and wondered if I could just remove her old faucet and go in with a new pressure balance model (now required in Texas) By just backing out the shower riser, removing the 1/2 unions and installing the new faucet with no fuss no muss. If nobody makes a model that will match up exactly I can't do it. She will just have to bite the bullet. I will look into the p/p 2 handle model and see if that will work. Thank you both for the info.

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