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Posted by c gioia on June 12, 19100 at 19:03:13:
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: Could there be an obstruction down the toilet line itself?? Has the plumber pulled the toilet off the flange and run a snake down the toilet drainline. If this is a new problem, and the offset flange was installed a while ago, I'm still convinced the problem is not with the offset flange. Marty

: : T: I realy doubt the problem is with the offset flange, as the backing up has started in the last 2 weeks, unless the toilet installation was done 2 weeks ago. Are you sure there's not something inside the toilet, such as a comb, toothbrush, etc.., causing the backups. Marty

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: : : For about 2 weeks now i have had a problem with my toilet because of the offset flange.The toilet keeps backing up because of toilet paper not going down.I've been in my house for 13 years, and i've never had this to happen.The plumber keeps coming out to work on it but hasn't solved the problem. I'm told that there is not much that can be done. He mentioned that maybe we can move the toilet over, but i have ceramic tile and i know that will all be broken, and i'm not sure how far it can be moved over because it may be too close to the tub. Any suggestions? I'm very stressed out about this. Your prompt reply is appreciated.

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: : There isn't anything inside the toilet, the toilet keeps backing up after 2 or 3 days after the plumber unclogs it. It seems that the only option is to go underground and install a new one.
: : What is your opinion? I'm really not sure of this.

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