Re: Pressure balance / price pfister retro-fit ?????
Posted by Marty on June 12, 19100 at 16:48:19:
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Hi Dick: Thanks for the clarification. But if it's a 2 handle pressure balanced valve he's looking to replace, I know that Price Pfister has such a product, new to the market. I've installed 2 of them already and they had seperate volume and tempurature controls.
On final thing, Dick, where are you from? The comment about those Damn Yankees makes me think you're not from the U.S. of A. I'm from the Great White North (ie Canada) myself. Marty

: I think he's talking about the old 3 handle faucets. hot,diverter cold. And the answer is no. There is no pressure balanced faucet that i am aware of that will drop in replace the old 3 handle faucets.
: Some companies have single handle pressure balanced and non pressure balanced valves that are interchangeable. (the complete valve, not just the cartridge.)

: You will have to do some tile work. I just replaced two old 3 handle units mounted just above the tub with Delta Monitor II two handle pressure balanced valves mounted 2' above the tub. I also moved the shower head up 8". I had to replace about a dozen tiles on each shower.

: I prefer the Delta faucets because they have a separate volume control and temperature control.
: Except!!!! they were designed by damnyankees who think the whole world has pumbing in thier basement. It was a little awkward plumbing them to my attic supply lines. PEX is great stuff!!

: : I'm not sure what you mean by a 3 valve divertor, but if you're asking if a Price pfister, non-pressure valve can be replaced with a Price Pfister pressure balanced valve by simply replacing the catridges, I'd say no it's not possible. If you have access from behind the existing vavle, you can do the changeover without disturbing the tilework. Both pressure balanced and non pressure balanced valves use the finishing trim that are the same size. Hope this helps. Marty

: : : Is there a pressure balance faucet out there that is built to match the p/p 3 valve diverter, to allow a fast replacement with no tile work ?

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