New Shower on Concrete Floor
Posted by Eric on June 12, 19100 at 15:50:46:
I believe there was a similar discussion here last year regarding the installation of a shower on a concrete floor, and my question is similar but slightly different.
I want to install a new shower in a basement bathroom on a concrete floor. The existing shower drain is not in the proper location for the new shower. I figure I've got 2 choices:
1. Build up a small platform for the new shower to sit on and then plumb between the existing drain and the new shower drain hole.
2. Cut the concrete floor around the existing drain and "move" the drain to the proper location and re-fill the concrete.

Any thoughts on which choice would be the best?
And, with either choice, what would be the best way to connect "new" pipe from the new shower drain to the "old" metal type pipe
of the existing drain.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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