rusty/yellow color with a little sand in the hot water
Posted by tom bell on June 12, 19100 at 12:56:56:
I have drained the hot water heater 5 times and get about 2 to 3 oz. of lime or sand each time I drain the
tank. We are on city water. When I draw hot water for a bath, dish washing or the like I get a rusty/yellow
color water. only from the hot water. The cold is alright. My thoughts are to try to empty the tank, and take
something like "Lime Away" or "C.L.R." or some other product that dissolves lime and pour it back into
the drain of the tank, fill tank, and let it sit over night, then drain the tank to see if that may work. Do you
have any IDEA'S? or anything better? Other information the hot water heater is 25 to 30 gallon tank and
is about three to five years old. Thank you for your answer. TOM

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