water odor
Posted by Bill G on June 10, 19100 at 22:02:37:
A new neighbor has posed this problem to me. When they run the hot water in a second floor bathroom shower they get a strong odor, similar to a plastic-like smell. The tub is fiberglass, about 12 years old. No problem was reported by previous owner. No other bathroom shower or faucet has this smell. There is a second bath on second level of home and no odor there. Shower head was removed and odor continued. A filtration company tech said the odor was caused by a chemical reaction between the chlorine in the city water supply and the heating element in the gas hot water heater causing the formation of a gas rising to the highest level faucet. Problem: There are three other water outlets on the second level of this home and none emit this odor. I've never smelled an odor like this from any other faucet and this entire area has chlorinated water and countless gas hot water heaters. The tech's solution was to install a water main carbon filter in the house at $1300, plus a new cartridge every 5 years @$500. Sounds whacky to me. Any ideas? Could it be a water neater problem requiring replacement of the heater (it's 6 months old).

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