Septic Tank Odors in Home
Posted by Dick Givens on June 10, 19100 at 17:14:04:
Hi: We live in a 5 month old house in eastern NC, serviced by a septic tank (clay soil). When we have rain we experience great amounts of sulfur type fumes. I noticed that the when the wind picks up, even with rain, it goes away quite fast. The area in question is our master br bathroom with toilet, shower, tub, 2 sinks. The venting is 3" pvc through the roof and is tied to a bathroom upstairs. There are just 2 of us so useage is moderate. Upon returning from a 1 week trip, unoccupied, there were severe odors - so bad it tranishes our silver(plate) in days.

The plumber will be adding an extension of the 3" pvc pipe next week to see if this helps.

My questions are, Is there any type of turbine fan that would help if the extension does not? Also any suggestions? Any help greatly appreciated!

Many thanks, Dick Givens

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