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Posted by Marty on June 10, 19100 at 13:30:19:
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As long as there is no strain on the piping, you should be able to move the vent line that 1". As far as the sand under the tub, that may have been there to help retain water tempurature in the tub, or if it's a fibreglass tub, the sand might be used to reduce the amount of flex or bounce in the bottom of the tub. Marty

: I had to remove the tub in my bathroom dut to the drain leaking. I got it out ok. But when I pulled the tub out there was sand under it?? I got a new drain for it, but the instruction that came with it stated that you should put the drain and vent on to the tub and then put it back?? I put the drain and vent on the tub and thightened the fittings to keep everything in place. I took it back of the tub and sweated the bottom part to the drain coming up in to the house. The drain is in the right place but the vent is off alittle. Will it hurt if it has to be forced form the side about one inch. (the house is on a slab)Am I doing this right??? Is the sand under the tub right?? Thanks Tom

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