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Posted by Terry Love on June 08, 19100 at 12:18:15:
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: Dear Terry, I am finishing out a bathroom in the basement, 9 years after the rough PVC drain pipes were installed in the slab. The shower drain riser pipe (3" ID) comes up about 1/4" above the floor. When the new preformed shower base is set over the drain, it just touches the top of that pipe. Is there a type of connection that can be used without raising the shower base off the cement slab?
: Jim

A three inch pipe for the shower? Are you sure this is not the toilet drain, in which case it would not have a p-trap on it?

First check to see if there is a p-trap on the drain. You have to have that to prevent sewer smell from coming into the home. Next, you may need to break out some concrete around the pipe to make the connection to the drain. The shower drain will be a 2" pipe fitting. Terry

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