Re: PF/2 Pressure-Assist Toilets
Posted by Jennifer on June 08, 19100 at 11:15:55:
In response to Re: PF/2 Pressure-Assist Toilets
I also have an Eljer Aquasaver in my home - also in a half bath that gets a lot of guest use. It works just fine. Never have had any issues with it. Easy to install and no double flushes like we got with our Briggs gravity 1.6. I don't have any complaints. The unit is under warranty for 5 years and when I sent in my warranty card, I got an additional year warranty FREE. I did have a question related to understanding how the unit works and called the "800" number on the flush device. Their tech support service was very helpful. What an improvement over our 1.6 gravity style unit.

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