Re: Adding a Bathroom - How to vent?
Posted by hj on June 08, 19100 at 09:24:19:
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How you vent it will depend on where the fixtures will be located. If they are on the same wall, then the tub can go into a 3x3x3x2 side inlet sanitary tee, sometimes referred to as a Wisconsin fitting, and the lavatory into a sanitary tee in the vent with an arm to the lavatory location. But you will need a 2" vent, and the toilet fitting will be easier to install now rather than later.

: I am adding 1 toilet, 1 shower, 1 sink. Can I use 1 vent? Are there any diagrams on the web for this? Actually, I will be adding the bathroom in 2 or 3 years, for now I want to put the vent pipe and electric in the wall and will do the plumbing from underneath later. This will just be a closet for now.

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