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Posted by Curt on June 08, 19100 at 08:57:04:
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I haven't done To remove the basket (the inner tub), you will have to remove the agitator. The agitator has a cap on top snapped or screwed on that covers a nut that fastens it to the drive shaft. I haven't done this in awhile, so I would have to look at my washer and refresh my memory to be more specific.
The belt could well have broken. Do you here the motor turning? All this is available from in back and underneath. Washers aren't convenient to work on, but your problem should be repairable.

T : My bedspread got caught betweeen the inner tub and outer one. I had to cut it out and some material is still stuck. There was a burning smell. Now the inner tub does not turn when the machine in on. How can I get the material out? Did a belt burn up? Thanks for your help

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