Re: Adding a Bathroom - How to vent?
Posted by Marty on June 07, 19100 at 20:56:53:
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I would suggest that you drop an 1 1/2" vent down from the floor or attic above the future bathroom and put a cap on the open end of the pipe. Without knowing the layout of this bathroom, you may have to run an individual vent for the toilet or shower, for example, if these fixtures are to far away from this future vent. Try to arrange this bathroom so that the toilet and shower are wet-vented through the bathroom sink. Hope this helps. Marty

: I am adding 1 toilet, 1 shower, 1 sink. Can I use 1 vent? Are there any diagrams on the web for this? Actually, I will be adding the bathroom in 2 or 3 years, for now I want to put the vent pipe and electric in the wall and will do the plumbing from underneath later. This will just be a closet for now.

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: Ed

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