Wet Vent Toilet?
Posted by Mark on June 07, 19100 at 14:24:05:
I am addin a 2nd floor bathroom to a 250 year old house, floor joists are 7 inches. The roon is 10X10 square. The lav and water closet are on one wall, tub and shower stall are on opposite wall (this wall has 3 inch vertical stack to sewer and 3 inch vent to roof.

Toilet is connected to stack via 10 foot section of 3 inch drain, there is not enough space with 7 inch joists to rotate 3X3X2 inch y 45 degrees for 2 inch toilet vent take off.

Does code allow horizontal wet venting the 2 inch toilet vent for 24 inches before going vertical? (I.E. connect 2 inch horizontal drain to 3 inch drain,
1 1/2 inch lav drain will connect to the 2 inch drain/vent)

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