basement toilet overflow
Posted by Tim Loduha on June 06, 19100 at 02:48:53:
We have a basement level toilet that periodically overflows (depending on what the waste is, of course).
It was snaked by a professional, however, it seems nothing substantial was dislodged.
The problem continued. A different toilet on the same level whose drain is upstream of the overflowing
toilet's drain (in the in-law unit) has never shown the same problem. Plunging will occasionally cause
sewage to back-up into the shower drain in the same bathroom. After plunging, it will operate normally
again for some days until the entire process repeats. We have been advised that a new toilet may
solve the problem. We have tried two different toilets, both of which could be described as low quality,
bargain units. Suggestions? Thanks,

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