Re: Toilet bowl problem that whistles
Posted by Mad Plumber on June 03, 19100 at 15:16:17:
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: Mfg. of toilet: R Morris, B.Burden ?
: Age: approx. 16 yr.
: Capacity: 4 GPF

: After flushing, water comes to normal level in bowl.
: In approximately 5 to 10 minutes water is 2 to 2 1/2 inches lower than the original level and remains at
: this lower level until flushed again. Sometimes while
: sitting on the bowl a ghostly whistling sound comes
: from somewhere in the bowl or tank.
: What could be the cause of this problem.
: Thank you.

Can I call you Harry? Well anyway, it does sound like that whistling toilet it a trying to tell you something. I'm a guessing that either the overflow tubie thing is too long and back siphoning the water overflow. Either that or that danged bowl is cracked and leaking down the bottom side where's you can't see it. Not a good thing if the floor rots out. I would pull that puppy and check it good outside to see what the dickens is a happening. Man!

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