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Posted by hj on June 03, 19100 at 09:46:07:
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It appears that you do not understand the reason for the vent pipe. Therefore, I am concerned that anything you do to it will be based on the expediency for installing the hot tub. For this reason, I would suggest that you have a plumber reroute the vent and do it in a manner that will maintain the integrity of the plumbing system and not create health, drainage, or damage problems in the future.

: I live in a 3 storey building. I have 3 bthrooms, that have waste pipes that join in the basement and then connect to the main sewer. There is a vent pipe that runs froom that point up through the house to the roof. I want ot get rid of this pipe by cutting it on the second floor. I need to put in an access panel for a new hot tub I am installing. can I do this? and Should I cap the pipe?.

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