dishwasher plumbing in
Posted by sarah on June 02, 19100 at 19:56:11:
I am trying to plumb in a new dishwasher- I have got as far as turning off the main water supply, so I can take out the old dishwasher. However I don't know where to turn the water off! where is it likely to be?
can I turn off the supply to the dishwasher using the fawcet under the sink?. There is an oval fawcet with "brass craft " stamped on it,under the sink, that is connected to the pipe from the old dishwasher. I'm assuming this will turn off the water supply. I cannot get the fawcet to budge. How can i get the thing to turn? The old dishwasher was plumbed in 15 years ago. The house is 30 yrs old.

i'd like to do this myself without having to resort to calling a plumber.


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