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Posted by Bud....Suncoast Plumbing Inc. on August 22, 1998 at 18:34:59:
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Victoria:---Treat yourself to a brand new showerhead complete with a new shower arm and escutcheon. Put some old newspapers in the bottom of the tub or shower to avoid damage should you drop a wrench or tool.
Adjust a pipe wrench (not Mr. Wimpy Vista Grip) to fit the shower arm (the pipe that sticks out of the wall and the shower head is connected to.) Grip your lower lip between your upper and lower teeth firmly, and turn that pipe wrench in a counterclockwise fashion until it decides to cooperate with you.
Once you get the old pipe out, throw it away, and install the new one but first use some Teflon pipe joint sealing tape on the threads be sure to slide the escutcheon (that round decorative piece that hides the hole in the wall) on the new shower arm before tightening it only hand tight.
Then install the new showerhead using Teflon tape again, and tighten only hand tight. If you got the job done without any fussing, and it works just the way you thought it would, take a nice relaxing shower and treat yourself to some thing special like a nice dinner out and a movie.
Lots of luck ...Bud..

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