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Posted by Terry Love on June 02, 19100 at 00:25:39:
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: I have a 1/2 in. copper water source with a "quarter turn" ball valve at the end.(i don't know the jargon)
: the other end of the valve where water is supposed to come out...has no pipe installed to it, so it's just waiting for a 1/2 in pipe to be installed and I can use that line. I really hate soldering, I am bad at it and the area where this valve is....there is a big hazard of operating a torch. i know that there is a flameless method of soldering tubes (so i've heard)but i'd rather skip soldering altogether. is there a way i can install plastic tubing instead where all it involves is gluing, tightening and sealing. i've never done it before but i think i wont have problems working on the connections and the T's and Y's of plastic tubing, the tricky part is connecting a 1/2 pipe to the mouth of the valve. Little help? Please e-mail the response because I don't get to frequent this message board. Thanxalot

You better solder this puppy! Either a torch or an electric means of heating the fitting and pipe. I wouldn't count on a glue joint between brass and plastic. Terry

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