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Just had new Gerber Ultraflush installed yesterday. It's fantastic and I owe it all to you and your terrific website. M Lewis

Hello! Thank you so much for your evaluation page on low-flow toilets. What an invaluable gift to our environment! L Dutton

After reading the info on your site about toilets, I purchased a Toto Drake toilet and had it installed, replacing an old, 5 gal. flush toilet, and it works great! Very clean bowl with very little water use OR noise. My husband is even impressed, and he is usually reticent about complimenting me on a shrewd purchase. Thank you very much for posting such helpful
information, I'll be sure to check here first the next time I have plumbing questions. K Newman

I was on my way out the door to finish a rec room framing job. I needed to know the rough in distance for a toilet before I could complete the bathroom partition walls. I found the answer within 3 minutes on your site. Glen

My name is Rob H and I'm an editor at Contractor magazine. I am also in charge of our web site. I have noticed that our site gets a lot of traffic each month from people following links on your site to our site. Also, I've been jumping around your site and I believe you've done a great job with it. It's loaded with great information and the bulletin board is
fabulous. Rob H

Thank you for a great web page with a wealth of valuable information. Pauline

I was looking for information before purchasing a toilet. Your site was full of information I had not thought of... thanks so much. Pat F

Your site has been a great help to me as I try to figure out what replacement toilets to buy for our home. Martin S

First of all great web page. If its not on your page its not worth having. You have done all the leg work for us we just have to make the decisions. Thanks. Linda B

I wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed your website and learned quite a bit. I am a relatively new homeowner. John H

As the information on your site has grown, I wanted to let you know that I think you're doing a great service informing the public about what works. Ed O

Wow! What a great web-site. Thanks for the information and smiles. Bruce G

Thank you for the timely and accurate information on plumbing repairs. I'm a union electrician, IBEW Local #134 in Chicago, so I appreciate the information from both a tradesperson's point of view as well as that of a consumer. Joan L

I feel like I have found a gold mine with all the good information you have at your site and a place that lives up to being what I heard the net is all about. Kay H

I want to tell you, you have the best toilet pages on the web! Very interesting & informative. Melisa

The UltraMax works GREAT! Every home should have one. Looks good too and is quiet. C Harada

great web page helped me out a ton. jwoita

i recently sent a question regarding my Titanic Toliet.
i just want you to know that your web page is just great and i really enjoy it. Angie

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