neighbor's noisy vents
Posted by Ann Goodsell on June 01, 19100 at 15:35:38:
In the course of renovation, the house next to mine has had 2 new boilers and 2 new water heaters installed that vent out of the foundation only 8 feet away from my house. The exhaust from the vents is extremely noisy.

The city measured the sound level when only one of the systems was operating, cited the developer for a noise violation and had him install baffles around the vents. The inspector told me that the baffles might not solve the problem and to call back if they didn't. They don't. The new owners have asked me not to bring in the inspector again but to give them a chance to solve the problem themselves.

What do you think would be the most promising way to muffle the noise? Should I suggest that they run PVC pipe up the side of the house from the vents to the roofline? run PVC pipe horizontally to the rear of their house?


Ann Goodsell
Cambridge, MA

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