Rough - In Plumbing
Posted by Warren Gruber on June 01, 19100 at 13:34:57:
I am building a detached garage. The garage will be built on a slab. I want to have a shower, toilet, bathroom sink and a small kitchen with a sink in the garage. I need some references on how to do the rough-in. Pipe sizes, how to connect each of the drains, (Y's traps, special valves) connection to the septic system, type of pipe to bring in from the well?? Do I install the pressure tank in the garage or burry it out side near the well? What depth do I put the pipes since they will be under the slab. We live in a frost area. What type of slope is required from the waster water inlet (sink,toilet) to the septic tank? Do I need to put the pipes in a special gravel trough under the slab? Do I need a special clean-out in the garage?
How do I attach the pipes to the wire screen used to reinforce the slab?


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