Copper to Plastic
Posted by Ramon on June 01, 19100 at 12:22:33:
I have a 1/2 in. copper water source with a "quarter turn" ball valve at the end.(i don't know the jargon)
the other end of the valve where water is supposed to come out...has no pipe installed to it, so it's just waiting for a 1/2 in pipe to be installed and I can use that line. I really hate soldering, I am bad at it and the area where this valve is....there is a big hazard of operating a torch. i know that there is a flameless method of soldering tubes (so i've heard)but i'd rather skip soldering altogether. is there a way i can install plastic tubing instead where all it involves is gluing, tightening and sealing. i've never done it before but i think i wont have problems working on the connections and the T's and Y's of plastic tubing, the tricky part is connecting a 1/2 pipe to the mouth of the valve. Little help? Please e-mail the response because I don't get to frequent this message board. Thanxalot

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