Best procedure to level a bathroom floor
Posted by Rick Rufini on June 01, 19100 at 11:30:21:
I'm in the middle of remodeling a bathroom and the floor is way out of level (about 3/4"+ over 5'). I've removed the sink, toilet and old floor tile and wish to level the floor before i install new floor tile, etc.

My first thought is to pull up the underlayment, leave the sub-floor, shim up the low side and use a 3/4" plywood for the new underlayment. The question is, at some point where the shim ends, there will be an air gap under the plywood, which I'm concerned may sag over time. Is there a product I can use to either fill that gap or level the floor.

Am I way off base? What is the best method of leveling a floor? (if it's important the room is 5' x 10')

Thanks for your advice,


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