HELP- No Water
Posted by TINA on May 31, 19100 at 10:52:53:
From time to time I lose water pressure throughout the house. So far this has always happened in
the when showering in the morning. The water runs for a while then loses pressure and stops. (I have a private well with a precharged storage
tank.) When I check the pressure gauge (when having problems), it drops but the pump doesn't kick on.
There is no pressure for a while, then after 10 to 15 minutes, the pump kicks on and builds pressure back
up and things work well the rest of the day and is ok for a couple of days. Originally I thought it was a bad
pressure switch so I replaced it. Even though there is a new switch I noticed that the contact points
on the pressure switch are closed at the time when there is no water pressure- but the pump doesn't
kick on(or at least doesn't build pressure). I have also noticed that when the pump is working and achieves the set pressure that the
contact points don't open up. We a water softner with a chorine injection tank tied in- if thats relevant??
Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

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