Sewer Back-up
Posted by Judy, Mundelein, IL on August 21, 1998 at 18:55:27:
For 8 years I have endured sewer back-up in my finished basement. It is the lowest property in the area - a ranch - with an approx. 7 foot basement. The basement has a floor drain (which I keep closed with an expandable cap), tub and toilet. The sewer line out is approx. 8 - 8-1/2' down as measured from a clean out station in the front yard.

The basement floods during periods of heavy constant downpour. The village insists that there are no leaks from the storm drain system to the waste sewer system and that the backup is due to houses which have illegally hooked their sump pumps up to the sanitary system.

I had a gate valve which when closed leaked into the basement tub. I had to remove that water every 20 minutes or so during the worst rains in order to prevent it from overflowing the tub. We were unable to flush a toilet, use a sink, etc. during the time that valve was closed - up to 30 hours at a time.

The valve has since frozen open, which leaves my basement at the mercy of the village. They have built a new lift station - which was to have been operational last December and claim they will reroute the sewage in order to increase the capacity of the system.

I am tired ot empty promises these my politicians. A neighbor suggested I convert to overhead sewers, but when he talked to the village they told him it might interfere with the removal of water from the basement bathroom. Is that true?

What would you suggest? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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